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23. Have to - (-mek-mak zorunda) Zorunluluk Cümlesi

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23. Have to - (-mek-mak zorunda) Zorunluluk Cümlesi

I have to work 8 hours a day.
You have to tell me the truth.
We have to study for the exam.
They have to meet at 9 am.
He has tı get up early.
She has to apologize.
It has to eat ocaliptus.
Ali has to work.

They have to go.

They don't have to go.
Do they have to go?
Don't they have to go?

    -Yes, they do.

    - No, they don't.

She has to sleep.
She doesn't have to sleep.
Does she have to sleep?
Doesn't she have to sleep?

    - Yes, she does.

    - No, she doesn't.

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