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                                 WHILE – WHEREAS                             

“While and whereas are used to show two ideas which are directly opposite.”
Whilewhereas tam karşıt iki fikri göstermek/anlatmak için kullanılır.”

1.    While Fatma is a beautiful girl, her firend Belma is ugly.
2.    While Kadir is a hardworking student, the other students are lazy.
3.    While you are a fat man, your brother is very thin.
4.    While I like English very much, my friends hate.
5.    I am rich and handsome whereas you are poor and ugly.
6.    He is sixty years old whereas his girl friend is twenty-five.
7.    While he hasn’t got any Money, everybody says he is rich.
8.    Everybody studies hard whereas he doesn’t.
9.    Whereas I like fishing, my friends don’t.
10.     I have to work while they are free.
11.     The ant work hard whereas the cicida “ağustos böceği” plays the guitar.
12.     He carried all the boşes whereas his elder brother just sat and watched him.
13.     Everybody slept whereas the enemy was awake.
14.     The students were in the lesson whereas Mehmet wasn’t.
15.     He tries to memorise everything whereas she doesn’t care anything.
16.     While samed uses computers well, Berk isn’t good at using them.
17.     While my car goes fast, yours is very slow.
18.     I have got a lot of stamps whereas she has got few.
19.     Your handwriting is fantastic whereas mine is awful.

20.     While Sena is good at English, Türkan isn’t.

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